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jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Captain Paul Watson

Charlie Hebdo, des dessinateurs engagés contre la maltraitance animale. Le journal dédie chaque semaine une de ses colonnes aux droits des animaux.

The Loss of Charlie Hebdo is Also a Blow for the Rights of Animals The Animal Rights Movement lost four great and talented activists today with the murder of cartoonists John (Cabu) Cabut , Stéphane (Carb) Charbonnier, Bernard (Tignous) Verlhac and Georges Wolinski They were four of the 12 people (including two police officers) killed in the horrific terrorist assault on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Five other people were injured in the shooting. Just yesterday Charlie Hebdo had contributed one of their cartoons to the activist organization L214 which campaigns in France for animal rights. The assailants have apparently escaped and there is now an international manhunt underway although the police claim they have three suspects. Charlie Hebdo is also the only French newspapers to clearly condemn bullfights, the enslavement of dolphins and big game hunting. The magazine also ran a weekly animal rights cartoon. Not only is there no justification for this violent attack it will also prove to have very negative consequences for Muslims in France and Europe. Marie Le Pen’s Nationalist Party will benefit tremendously as anti-Islamic feelings rise. These assassins are simply uneducated intolerant thugs who have done a horrible disservice to French Muslims. One of the gunmen shouted “we have killed Charlie Hebdo.” Knowing the French, I doubt they will now let Charlue Hebdo die. If anything freedom of expression will be stronger. Freedom must never submit to the tyranny of fanatical religious intolerance. Charlie Hebdo is a satirical publication. The name derives from Charles De Gaulle and Hebdo meaning weekly. The magazine carried satirical cartoons and articles about all the many political parties and all religions. The Catholic Church had sued the magazine quite a few times. These were brave, talented and beloved people whose deaths will not be accepted meekly or quietly.

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Publication : January 08, 2015 at 11:56AM http://ift.tt/LkfRqz

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